Benefit Plan Services

  The Benefit Plan Services Differences

When it comes time to choose which insurance company or agency that you want to work with, there are some important issues that you should consider.

         There is a difference between captive (in-house) agents and independent agents.

  • Captive agents can only sell products that are offered by a single company.  For this reason, they will be tempted to try and find a way to make their product look good for your unique situation.  It may not be “the best” solution but it may be “good enough”.
  • Independent agents represent multiple insurance companies and will usually try to find the product that best fits your needs.  

      When you find the product that best suits your needs, that product is usually available from many different insurance offices. 

     And the price will be exactly the same because all agents offer identical products at an identical price.

     Beyond these two issues, your decision should be based upon which agent offers: 

  • The best technical experience in being able to find solutions for your needs.
  • The best job of taking an insurance issue and explaining it in a manner that is comprehensive but still simplistic enough, for you to understand.

Benefit Plan Services has been an independent insurance agency since 1977.